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Current Issue

SLEEP Volume 39 / Issue 12 - Thursday, December 1, 2016

Implementation Research

Implementation of Sleep and Circadian Science: Recommendations from the Sleep Research Society and National Institutes of Health Workshop. 2061-2075.
Sairam Parthasarathy, MD1; Mary A. Carskadon, PhD2,3; Girardin Jean-Louis, PhD4; Judith Owens, MD, MPH5; Adam Bramoweth, PhD6; Daniel Combs, MD1; Lauren Hale, PhD7; Elizabeth Harrison, PhD8; Chantelle N. Hart, PhD9; Brant P. Hasler, PhD10; Sarah M. Honaker, PhD, CBSM11; Elisabeth Hertenstein, PhD12; Samuel Kuna, MD13; Clete Kushida, MD, PhD14; Jessica C. Levenson, PhD10; Caitlin Murray, MA15; Allan I. Pack, MD, PhD13; Vivek Pillai, PhD16; Kristi Pruiksma, PhD17; Azizi Seixas, PhD4; Patrick Strollo, MD18; Saurabh S. Thosar, PhD19; Natasha Williams, MD4; Daniel Buysse, MD6

Sleep-Disordered Breathing

Effect on Intermittent Hypoxia on Plasma Exosomal Micro RNA Signature and Endothelial Function in Healthy Adults. 2077-2090.
Abdelnaby Khalyfa, PhD1; Chunling Zhang, MS2; Ahamed A. Khalyfa, BSc1; Glen E. Foster, PhD3,4; Andrew E. Beaudin, PhD3,4; Jorge Andrade, PhD2; Patrick J. Hanly, MD4,5; Marc J. Poulin, PhD3,4,6,7,8; David Gozal, MD, MBA1

Arousal Intensity is a Distinct Pathophysiological Trait in Obstructive Sleep Apnea. 2091-2100. Article Is Eligible For CME Credits
Jason Amatoury, PhD1; Ali Azarbarzin, PhD5; Magdy Younes, MD, PhD2,3; Amy S. Jordan, PhD4; Andrew Wellman, MD, PhD5; Danny J. Eckert, PhD1


DSM-5 Insomnia and Short Sleep: Comorbidity Landscape and Racial Disparities. 2101-2111. Article Is Eligible For CME Credits
David A. Kalmbach, PhD1; Vivek Pillai, PhD2; J. Todd Arnedt, PhD1; Christopher L. Drake, PhD2

I Keep a Close Watch on This Heart of Mine: Increased Interoception in Insomnia. 2113-2124.
Yishul Wei, MSc1; Jennifer R. Ramautar, PhD1; Michele A. Colombo, MSc1,2,3; Diederick Stoffers, PhD1; Germán Gómez-Herrero, PhD1; Wisse P. van der Meijden, MSc1; Bart H.W. te Lindert, MSc1; Ysbrand D. van der Werf, PhD4,5; Eus J.W. Van Someren, PhD1,6

Sleep and Trauma

Effects of Sleep after Experimental Trauma on Intrusive Emotional Memories. 2125-2132.
Birgit Kleim, PhD1,2; Julia Wysokowsky, MSc1; Nuria Schmid, MSc1; Erich Seifritz, MD2; Björn Rasch, PhD3

Neurological Disorders

Reduced Rapid Eye Movement Density in Parkinson Disease: A Polysomnography-Based Case-Control Study. 2133-2139.
Lynn A. Schroeder, MD1; Olivier Rufra, RN4; Nicolas Sauvageot, MSTAT3; François Fays, MSTAT3; Vannina Pieri, MPH2; Nico J. Diederich, MD2

Sleep Quantity and Quality during Acute Concussion: A Pilot Study. 2141-2147.
Adam C. Raikes, MS, LAT, ATC1; Sydney Y. Schaefer, PhD2


Polysomnography in Bolivian Children Native to High Altitude Compared to Children Native to Low Altitude. 2149-2155.
Catherine Mary Hill, BM, MSc, MRCP, FRCPCH, ES1,2; Annette Carroll, BSc3; Dagmara Dimitriou, PhD4; Johanna Gavlak, PhD2,5; Kate Heathcote, MB ChB, FRCS6; Veline L'Esperance, BM, MSc7; Ana Baya, PhD8; Rebecca Webster, PhD9; Maria Pushpanathan, PhD10; Romola Starr Bucks, PhD10

Sleep Cognition and Behavior

2B-Alert Web: An Open-Access Tool for Predicting the Effects of Sleep/Wake Schedules and Caffeine Consumption on Neurobehavioral Performance. 2157-2159.
Jaques Reifman, PhD1; Kamal Kumar, MS1; Nancy J. Wesensten, PhD2; Nikolaos A. Tountas, PhD1; Thomas J. Balkin, PhD3; Sridhar Ramakrishnan, PhD1

Basic Science

Acute Sleep Deprivation Blocks Short- and Long-Term Operant Memory in Aplysia. 2161-2171.
Harini C. Krishnan, BS1,2; Catherine E. Gandour, BS1; Joshua L. Ramos, BS1; Mariah C. Wrinkle, BS1; Joseph J. Sanchez-Pacheco, BS1; Lisa C. Lyons, PhD1,2

Levels of Interference in Long and Short-Term Memory Differentially Modulate Non-REM and REM Sleep. 2173-2188.
Nicolas Fraize, PhD1; Julien Carponcy, PhD1; Mickaël Antoine Joseph, PhD1; Jean-Christophe Comte, PhD2; Pierre-Hervé Luppi, PhD3; Paul-Antoine Libourel, MSc1,3; Paul-Antoine Salin, PhD1,2; Gaël Malleret, PhD1; Régis Parmentier, PhD1

Sleep Homeostatic and Waking Behavioral Phenotypes in Egr3-Deficient Mice Associated with Serotonin Receptor 5-HT2 Deficits. 2189-2199.
Janne Grønli, PhD1,2,3; William C. Clegern, BS1; Michelle A. Schmidt, MS1; Rahmi S. Nemri, BS1; Michael J. Rempe, PhD2,4; Amelia L. Gallitano, MD, PhD5; Jonathan P. Wisor, PhD1,2

Different Simultaneous Sleep States in the Hippocampus and Neocortex. 2201-2209.
Joshua J. Emrick, DDS1; Brooks A. Gross, PhD2; Brett T. Riley, MBA3; Gina R. Poe, PhD2

Sleep and Behavior in Cross-Fostering Rats: Developmental and Sex Aspects. 2211-2221.
Olena Santangeli, PhD1; Henna Lehtikuja1; Eeva Palomäki, MD1; Henna-Kaisa Wigren, PhD1; Tiina Paunio, MD; PhD2; Tarja Porkka-Heiskanen, MD, PhD1

Letter to the Editor

Further Evidence for a Parasomnia Incited by Trauma. 2223-2224.
Vincent Mysliwiec, MD1,2; Matthew S. Brock, MD1,2; Brian O'Reilly, DO3; Bernard J. Roth, MD3; Anne Germain, PhD4

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